Technologies for Virtual Product Experiences

SHAPE Experience
„Mass Customization done right“

  • Online configurator for your custom products
  • Your potential clients explore online
    the possibilities of your production
    – you concentrate on your core business.
  • for production 'on demand'

IMAGE Experience
Maximum attention for your promotional products.

  • Increase your web-sales.
  • Present to your customers a finished product!
  • for the advertising industry

MAP Experience
Geo-Daten, Geo-Informationen, Geo-Wissen ...

  • Ortsbezogene Zusammenhänge darstellen
  • Wirtschaftliche Potentialen ermitteln
  • Richtige Entscheidungen treffen

  • für Energieprognosen

PATTERN Experience
Engraving and printing that is memorized.

  • How to turn your printing or engraving services
    in an online experience?
  • Automate the preparation of your tenders
    with customers’ motifs.
  • for the printing industry

onlineBemusterung: Online Furnishing
The web-accelerator for your construction projects on the future.

  • Comfortable and transparent communication
    between all involved parties.
  • Increase your Image through interactive online platform.
  • for the construction industry

Die ultimative Kontrolle der baulichen Leistungen.

  • Vollständig mobile Prozessunterstützung
  • Mängelverwaltung und -dokumentation
  • Automatisierung von Routinetätigkeiten

  • für Bauherren, Bauunternehmer, Architekten und Gutachter

Online-DXF-Viewer/Konverter (kostenlos)

Short Description

Open Experience is a provider of virtual product experiences. The key components of company’s business solutions are online product presentations, 3D visualizations, interactive customized products, as well as support of production on-demand. The aim is to enable the end-clients to make their purchasing decisions through clearly structured product selection and free adjustment and customization of each product. The portfolio of Open Experience includes configuration solutions for consumer goods, furniture, advertising products, as well as sampling for real estate.


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  • Fax +49-721-48699521
  • E-mail
  • Mailing Open Experience GmbH
  •   76060 Karlsruhe
  • Address Kaiserstr. 209
  •   76133 Karlsruhe
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