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Philosophy &engagement

by OpenExperience



Our vision is a complete digital control of the construction sites, which is based on the holistic integration of digital models and the automatically recorded situation on site.

Imagination is more important than knowledge (Albert Einstein)

Everything you can imagine is real (Pablo Picasso)


We believe that we can make the world a little better by offering technologies for more error-free and more efficient construction. Construction products are becoming more accessible and low-risk for trade and the public sector, and more affordable for citizens.

We believe that the construction sites of the future will be automated and without activities that are harmful to health. Our digital control should enable automation in all areas.

We believe that even the most complex tasks can be mastered with the help of targeted, systematic work by appropriately motivated and qualified employees and partners. That is why we stand for openness, transparent processes, trustworthy partners and continuous innovation.

We believe that if we are environmentally-, work and live socially and health-consciously, this motivation will also inspire other companies and people.


Open Experience GmbH was founded in May 2009. It builds on methodological experience from numerous research- and industrial projects in the field of process- and data management in engineering, which the founders focus on during their work at the FZI- Research Center for Computer Science in Karlsruhe. At the start, Open Experience is supported by the EXIST programs-Start-up grant from BMWi and young innovators from MWK Baden-Get Württemberg.


We research continuously so that we can always offer you the best functions. Below is a list of public research projects in which Open Experience has participated.

ESKIMO- Artificial intelligence for the construction industry

The ESKIMO project with eleven partners from the construction industry and IT-The aim of the industry and research is to monitor the construction work with an intelligent interpretation of the current situation-Help optimize the situation on the construction site.

The goal is to use AI to transfer the image data captured during execution from camera systems, smartphones or tablet computers-To interpret algorithms, to automatically recognize building objects and their characteristics and to compare the results generated in this way with the standard-based building data modeling.

digiBau- Development of a helmet camera system

Open Experience GmbH initiated the digiBau project together with the AWA research group at Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences, which is part of the BMWi-Funding program `Central Innovation Program for SMEs ZIM´ is carried out. The aim is to enable the automatic acquisition of digital information in the construction industry by means of the development of a modular and adaptable hard drive-software-Systems.

Continuous digital data collection and processing in the context of building inspections should be made possible by using the system on both construction helmets and drones thanks to its module-based structure.

building-related research projects

  • Research project KoBial

    Objective of the Baden by the Ministry of Economics, Labor and Housing-Württemberg funded project is the development of new value creation systems(in terms of modern IT-based cross-company value networks) for craftsmen, consultants/Planners, architects and operators of facilities in the area of living for people with help- and care needs. This is supposed to be based on the service-Engineering-Approach and using Smart Home & Living-Systems happen.

  • Research project Dareed

    A consortium of 12 partners from four European countries is developing new methods and ICT-Tools to increase energy efficiency on city- and circle level. An important factor in the development of the solution concept is the involvement of all relevant actors, in particular the citizens via social networks, so that the decision-making about energy efficiency measures receives the broadest possible acceptance. The results of the project will be put into practice and tested in three pilot regions.

  • Research project FURNeCorp

    The FURNeCorp project, as part of the funding priority “Mittelstand-Digital - ICT-Applications in the economy ”from the BMWi industry-standard eBusiness-Standards for the master data classification as well as a feedback data exchange developed for the furniture industry.


Environmental awareness

  • we do without company cars and only travel by train, bike or use a car for business purposes-Sharing.
  • Whenever possible, we organize virtual rather than physical meetings
  • we completely do without paper in our office.
  • our intelligent building automation reduces energy consumption.
  • we try to save resources wherever possible.

Social awareness

  • we donate a large portion of our entertainment expenses to charitable organizations for a good cause
  • With our CharitySportDay we do good through sport once a year. The aim is to collect donations through athletic performance. Open Experience donates for every kilometer- whether running, cycling or swimming, donate a contribution to aid organizations and invite family, friends and partners to do so.

Health awareness

  • Friday sport with personal trainer
  • fitness
  • healthy eating

Our values

Protecting yourKnow-hows

The use of standard software promises many positive effects for users. In addition to the cost advantages that result from the broad multiplication, such solutions are usually better tested under different boundary conditions and thus have a very high level of reliability. They continue to bring a so-called Best-Practice-Know-how, as the processes shown cover all possible application scenarios within the intended area of application.

The disadvantage, however, is that often not all requirements can be fully covered as standard and that the individual adjustments are resource-intensive and risky. First-time users of new functions bear greater economic and technical risks. It is also often problematic that on the one hand they use their own know-how-Share how for everyone involved and, on the other hand, experience the "teething troubles".

To counteract this situation, Open Experience has developed a special concept that combines the advantages of a standard solution and an individual implementation. Particular attention is paid to protecting the company-Know-hows. All functions that directly support the customer's value-added processes are implemented on a separate server. However, such functions are not offered in the standard version of the applications. Nevertheless, they access data and modules from existing solutions that are released for all users. For all functions that are transferred directly to the standard version, Open Experience contributes up to 50% of the implementation effort. In this way, the customer is encouraged to display only the most important processes separately from the standard version.


Open Experience receives access to the latest results from research and science through cooperation and collaboration with first-class researchers and partners:


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