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360° Construction documentation

The dream of a continuous and temporally complete image documentation of the construction site becomes reality thanks to the DIGIBAU helmet attachment for 360° construction documentation. The best possible and most uncomplicated way of inspecting the construction site ever.

The dream of a continuous and temporally complete image documentation of the construction site becomes reality thanks to the DIGIBAU helmet attachment for 360° construction documentation. The best possible and most uncomplicated way of inspecting the construction site ever.

DIGIBAU360° helmet camera

World novelty

  • Automated construction documentation
  • Specially developed for the construction industry
  • 360° image capture
  • Robust, safe, reliable
  • For daily construction inspections

Construction helmet with integrated image acquisition module

  • Camera system
  • LED illumination
  • Powerful processor, 2 x WLAN
  • Flexible cabling for maximum mobility
digibau app

Control via the DIGIBAU app

  • Pinpointing of the capture position via the construction plan
  • Shutter triggering via the app
  • Status display
  • Automatic storage of 360° images
  • Uniform image management in the Construction Photos service
  • Available free of charge via the Apple Store

High-quality wide-angle camera system

  • Capture 360° images
  • 2 x 12 MP cameras
  • High-quality wide angle lenses
  • Protection integrated in the attachment
digibau helm_und_guertelmodul_seitlich

LED Lighting

  • Six power LEDs
  • Sufficient illumination in dark rooms
  • Flash function when taking pictures
  • Lights-on mode for illuminating rooms
Lademodul 2

Battery Module

  • Carry with the belt clip or in the pocket
  • Lightweight and unobtrusive
  • Status and battery indicator
  • Replaceable

Storage Case

  • A storage and transport solution for your DIGIBAU system
  • High quality, robust and safe
  • Inserts for all DIGIBAU components
  • Includes a power supply for charging

Construction Status Documentation

Regular on-site inspections

  • Property inspections with DIGIBAU
  • Simple and uncomplicated
  • From site managers to working students
  • During technical control
  • During a documentation tour
  • Selection of the current recording position via the plan
  • Display of already recorded positions on the plan
schritt 1_A-Punkt_auswaelen

Step One: Select position

  • Select building plan
  • Select current position
  • Also available without internet connection
schritt 2_bild_aufnehmen

Step 2: Triggering the image

  • From the selected position
  • Trigger capturing via the DIGIBAU app
  • Check the image on the app's screen

Virtual building inspections

Across the entire construction time and space

  • At any time
  • From everywhere
  • Via mobile app or web browser
  • Easy access to construction documentation
zeitliche namivation

Indoor navigation

  • 3D display of the visible capture positions
  • Transition to other capture positions
  • Transition to other rooms / floors
  • Zoom in and out
rauumliche navigation

Time travel through the construction site

  • Representation of the available points in time
  • Calendar representation
  • Time representation
integration mit_bau_maengel

Integration with construction defects

  • 3D representation of existing points
  • Defects, tasks, work safety, order etc.
  • Capture of new points

Plan overview

  • Display of the capture positions
  • Trigger a new 360° capture
  • Display of already captured 360° images

Possible Applications


Remote monitoring

For example, the construction site could be located abroad. On site, there are usually sufficient personnel for construction management and object monitoring. Often, however, not all are (building services, statics, fire protection, etc.) are staffed with sufficient expertise. In particular, finding solutions to country-specific problems requires interdisciplinary experience, among other things. A complete image documentation of the actual state incl. temporal development (history) will revolutionize this activity, similar to remote operations in medicine.


Collaborative Expertise

Some specific problems that may arise during construction operations can only be solved with the expertise of representatives from different disciplines or from different contracting parties. For such cases, elaborate walk-throughs involving multiple people are conducted, which are difficult to organize and coordinate. A complete as-is documentation can not only enable these processes to run virtually or in parallel, but also help participants better prepare themselves for the discussions and the decision-making processes in advance.


Damage investigation

The costs for many damages incurred on the construction site are borne by small and medium-sized execution companies, although they often did not cause them. The reason for this is the lack of evidence as well as the deadline and cost pressures that arise shortly before completion. A complete picture documentation will contribute to more fairness on the construction site and sensitize all parties involved that damages will be thoroughly investigated and the causers will be held responsible. As a result, a general increase in quality can be expected. The same point applies to the documentation of the surroundings (buildings and public sidewalks, etc.), the absence of damage to which must generally be proven by the construction company.


During the construction phase

Documentation of the construction progress

Before the construction start

Documentation of the surrounding buildings

During the operation

Documentation of changes and adjustments

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