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BIM-Building site

The 3D-Models come to the construction site

The advantages of a uniform model are becoming more and more relevant for the construction processes. Open Experience can demonstrate many years of experience.

The advantages of a uniform model are becoming more and more relevant for the construction processes. Open Experience can demonstrate many years of experience.


Building Information Modeling BIM for the construction project Generation of the project structure from BIM

Generation of the project structure from BIM

  • All construction-Open Experience services
  • Export of the project structure from IFC-file
  • Selection of the level of detail
  • Subsequent adjustment of the structure
BIM for construction, 3D location of defects

3D-Location of defects

  • The service construction-defects
  • Location in 3D-Viewer
  • Transfer of a screenshot as documentation of defects
  • Storage of the 3D-Coordinates and the camera position
BIM for construction work, overview of deficiencies in BIM

Overview of deficiencies in BIM

  • The service construction-defects
  • All defects are represented as spheres
  • The colors correspond to the deficiency status
BIM for construction, export in IFC and BCF data format

Export in IFC- and BCF-Data format

  • The service construction-defects
  • for central filing in the IFC
  • for working as a BCF-Files

Research formorning


Development of a mobile work support robot tiling system

![Research project-MAROON-Logo.svg](/images/subjects/Building-information-Modeling-BIM-for-the-Construction work/Maroon/Research project-MAROON-Logo.svg)

The aim of the MAROON research project is to develop a mobile robot assistant system that supports various work steps in the tiling trade such as planning the tile pattern, the laying process, quality control and the creation of revision documents. Through an intelligent fusion of modern sensor technologies, industrial robotics, special machine construction and data analysis, the trade is to be provided with a future-oriented system solution that encourages digitization. The project innovation is based on examining the classic, manual work processes of the tiler and transferring them to an assisting robot system. With the successful implementation of the project goals, efficiency and quality increases, stress prevention and work support measures to ensure the health and ability to work of those involved in the tiling trade are expected.

Open Experience is responsible for the cuts of the robot system with BIM in the project. Data from the BIM-Model extracted, which contain the positions of the tiles and the laying pattern. The tile configurator from Open Experience is used for detailed configuration. The laid tiles are returned to the BIM-Model written. Information from the robot controller is used for this.


Key data

  • begin: October 01, 2018
  • Duration 24 months
  • [Project flyer](/images/subjects/Building-information-Modeling-BIM-for-the-Construction work/Maroon/Research project-Maroon-Project flyer.pdf)
  • This research- and development project was carried out by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research(BMBF) in the funding measure "SMEs-innovative: Production research "and funded by the project management agency Karlsruhe(PTKA) supervised. ![Funded-from the-Federal Ministry-for-education-and-research(BMBF).png](/images/subjects/Building-information-Modeling-BIM-for-the-Construction work/Maroon/Funded-from the-Federal Ministry-for-education-and-research(BMBF).png)


Darmstadt College

BIM-Model of a model bathroom


Architecture, role of open experience


Tile configurator from Open Experience

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