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Helmet attachmentdigiBau

to the360 °-building-documentation(with AI)

The dream of spatially and temporally complete picture documentation of the construction site becomes a reality thanks to the helmet attachment DIGIBAU for 360 ° construction Documentation.

The dream of spatially and temporally complete picture documentation of the construction site becomes a reality thanks to the helmet attachment DIGIBAU for 360 ° construction Documentation.


360 ° construction documentation

A full 360 ° image documentation of the construction site has numerous advantages for everyone involved. The following user scenarios are conceivable:

Damage investigation

Small and medium-sized construction companies bear the costs for much of the damage that has occurred on the construction site, even though they often did not cause them. The reason for this is the lack of evidence and the deadline that will be set shortly before completion- and cost pressures. A complete picture documentation will contribute to more fairness on the construction site and sensitize all those involved that damage is thoroughly investigated and that those who caused it are also held responsible. As a result, a general increase in quality can be expected. This point expands in the direction of the documentation of the environment(Buildings and public sidewalks etc.) whose freedom from damage usually has to be proven by the construction company.

Remote monitoring

A construction site is located abroad, for example. There is usually sufficient on-site staff for site management and site supervision. Often, however, not all disciplines are(TGA, statics, fire protection etc.) represented with sufficient expertise. Finding solutions to country-specific problems, in particular, requires interdisciplinary experience. A full picture-Documentation of the actual-State including development over time(History) will revolutionize this activity, similar to remote operations in medicine.

Collaborative Expertise

Some specific problems that can arise during construction can only be solved with the expertise of representatives from different specialist disciplines or from different contracting parties. For such cases, complex inspections with the participation of several people are carried out, which are difficult to organize/are coordinating. A full is-Status-Documentation can not only help to ensure that these processes can partially run virtually or in parallel, but also that the participants can better prepare themselves for the discussions and decision-making in advance.

Complete construction documents

Some documents are required that are handed over to the client for documentation after acceptance, including data on the actual course of construction. Even so, a lot of information is lost that is necessary for modernization- and renovations are important. Complete image documentation can save numerous physical examinations to determine the actual construction. Examples of this are the course of the underfloor heating, the lines, the anchoring of fire protection barriers, etc.

Available fromOctober 2021

Helmet attachment DIGIBAU

to capture360 ° construction photos(with AI)

The helmet attachment DIGIBAU is used to capture 360 ° images on the construction site to continuously record the current status during construction supervision and thus bridging the gap in the current megatrend in the construction industry - continuous digitization. The aim is to provide continuous and temporally complete image documentation of the construction site using 360 ° captures. The images are made from predefined positions on the construction site, which are also marked as interaction buttons on the floor plans.



Presentation of the DIGIBAU project at the BAU 2019 trade fair in Munich, Hall C5


Project presentation of the DIGIBAU helmet attachment at the IHK by Konstantin Krahtov


Supply logistics conference

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